Quizzes and Exams

    Quizzes will be on eLC and in-class on TopHat.

    Exams will involve 20-25 multiple choice questions that will be graded by scan-tron, with individual AND group grades, AND a short written section that will be graded by Dr. Wares and a student grader (Skoczen) using a pre-determined rubric.

    Grade distribution

    Each individual exam is worth 15% of the total grade; each group exam is worth 5% of the total grade. Four exams together are 80% of the overall grade.

    Final project is worth 10% of the grade

    Weekly quizzes (elC) all together comprise 5% of the grade; in-class quizzes comprise 5% of the overall grade (absence is not an excuse).

    While generally a student could assume that having a 90% overall of total points would be an 'A', etc., the instructors will curve the grade in student's favor.


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