GENE/ECOL 4020W Biological Responses to Climate Change (in the Ocean)

    The banner up top is generic with regards to whether you are a GENE student, an ECOL student, or BIOL or something else. The goal of this class is to help synthesize what we know about evolution, acclimation, and population responses to changing environment, in the context of ongoing and predicted climate change. This course will focus on marine environments and the organisms living there because:

    (A) you have had enough exposure to "model" systems in your other classes

    (B) arguably, our oceans are still understudied despite their importance in buffering terrestrial climate change and providing resource to so many

    (C) marine organisms are stunning in their breadth of life history, development, and ecosystem function, so why not focus on them?

    How many distinct types of organisms can you identify?

    This class is a Writing-Intensive class, so our interaction and your evaluation are going to be determined through written responses and papers. A tremendous amount of information on the class topic can be found at the websites for previous iterations of the course:

    http://pisaster.genetics.uga.edu/groups/evolution3000/ (Honors GENE 3000, 2012)

    http://pisaster.genetics.uga.edu/groups/ugaecco/ (GENE 4840, 2015)

    http://pisaster.genetics.uga.edu/groups/eccofhl/ (FHL 568A, 2016)

    Start HERE.