Start HERE.

    For our first meeting, we will only accomplish a few things: meeting each other and discussing why this class will be of interest, watching a short film on ocean acidification, and assigning your reading for the next class:


    As you read this news article and the TWO papers that support it, answer these questions:

    1. How far into each primary literature paper did you get before you became very unfamiliar with the information being presented (about the organism, the methods, or underlying concepts)?
    2. Given your current understanding of evolutionary theory, do you consider it likely that populations of marine organisms will evolve as a response to climate change? If not, what are the alternatives?
    3. ...
    The idea here being that we want you to understand papers like this very well by the end of the semester.

    Another early meeting, we need to talk about statistics. This is going to be a big leap forward for some of you, but just think about HOW questions are asked affecting what kind of answers you can get.

    Download file "Gerrodette_2011.pdf"


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