Evolutionary Responses to Climate Change in the Sea

    Summer A Term FHL568A :: June 13 to July 15, 2016

    The focus of this class is on climate change in our oceans and how organisms respond, both given the traits they currently have as well as the potential for natural selection to modify these traits. Background in evolutionary biology and the range of heritable variation will be explored, along with a series of lab and field projects to let students gain skills needed for monitoring how organisms respond to their environment.

    Here we will post lecture materials, PDFs you need for reading/discussion, and other resources. The "calendar" link above will give you some information about what is coming up, though that will be in almost constant flux for the next few weeks!


    At least, this is how we hope things will go!


    Assume something to read every day - sometimes for background, sometimes to discuss.


    will be posted soon after each day as Powerpoint or PDF files.

    Research Projects

    report timelines will be discussed soon.


    maps, organisms, methods, etc.


    get ready to ponder on your feet, so to speak

    Use this time to explore - in field, in lab, in library, and in interactions with everybody at FHL!

    Planning Information (for MK and JW)