Required for all PhD students in the Department of Genetics

These guidelines assume students have entered via the Integrated Life Sciences program, thus have had Responsible Science, research rotations, and other introductory material.
  1. All students must carry at least 12 credit hours a semester (9 in summer); preferably, 18 in fall/spring, 12 in summer.
  2. All students must enroll in GENE 8880 (Student Seminar; 1 credit hour) every semester in residence unless written authorization from graduate coordinator, or the semester in which a student gives his or her exit seminar.
  3. Prior to or simultaneous with serving as a Teaching Assistant, student must enroll in GRSC 7770 (1 credit hour).
  4. GENE 9000 (Doctoral Research) may be taken for up to 18 hours a semester.
  5. Doctoral students must enroll in GENE 9300 the semester they graduate; this course is limited to enrollment in 10 hours per semester and you should enroll in a minimum of 3 credits.
  6. All students must take at least 20 hours of 8000-level courses, total of 30 credit hours that includes GENE 9000 and 9300

Required for all Genetics students and/or Training Grant-supported students

In addition to the above general requirements, we require that all Genetics PhD students and students supported on the NIH T32 Training Grant in Genetics receive training in all areas pertinent to modern genetics research. This includes:

• GENE 8100, Foundations of Genetic Analysis

• A minimum of 3 credit hours of quantitative training, chosen from this list of courses.

• A minimum of 6 credit hours of genetics electives, chosen from this list of courses.

Course substitutions may be approved based on a written petition to the Graduate Affairs Committee.

Program of Study

A “Preliminary Doctoral Program of Study” form should be completed by the student and filed within the department by the beginning of fall semester of the second year. The “Final Doctoral Program of Study” will be made in consultation with the Advisory Committee and will be filed at the Graduate School at the time of the written exam.

For students who entered prior to AY2015, here is the previous curriculum plan for Genetics PhDs.


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