Annual Committee Meetings and Progress Report

    Committee Meetings

    We expect that you will form your committee by the beginning of your second year. At this time, please submit the Committee Form to Susan White. You should have your first committee meeting by the end of the fall of your second year. Once you pass prelims you should have a committee meeting at least annually. Please let Susan White know when this takes place so we can update your records.

    Annual Progress Report

    The Annual Progress Report is due annually by February 15th. You must fill this out regardless of year in program, anticipated graduation date, and source of funding. This report covers your progress during the previous calendar year, from January 1st - December 31st.

    The student should complete Part 1 and send it to their advisor. The advisor then completes Part 2 with input from the student’s committee, and returns the form to the student. Part 3 is an opportunity for the student to respond to this feedback. Email the final document and your CV to Susan White (whites@uga.edu) no later than February 15th.

    This form is both a way to collect information about student achievements and activities as well as to serve as an evaluation/mentoring tool. If you are a first year student, we understand you just joined a lab and the department, and so fill this form out to the best of your ability. It will only cover your time in grad school at UGA.

    This form is not directly attached to a committee meeting, but the student’s committee should be given the opportunity to contribute to Part 2. We strongly encourage a discussion between the student and his/her advisor/committee about what is written in Part 2. To encourage openness, this form will not be used when determining departmental awards.

    THE ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORT FORM IS HERE:Download file "Genetics_grad_prog_report_2018.docx"


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