Administrative Procedures

Administration and Staff

Graduate course requirements

Kelly Dyer, Grad Coordinator

Course registration, graduate student files and forms

Susan White

Personnel, payroll, keys, notary public

Tina Weidemann

Departmental van, FAX

Darlene Strickland


JaShondra Kenney or Cecily Hill

Computers, A/V equipment, department listserv

David Brown

Graduate student affairs

Kelly Dyer or Susan White, or others on Graduate Affairs Committee (Jill Anderson, Art Edison, Doug Menke, and Bob Schmitz)

Helpful online resources

  • UGA Genetics Department Website
  • UGA email
  • Athena
    • Online course registration, student account and transcript information
  • eLC (eLearningCommons) (ELC) at UGA
    • Used by many instructors to post course syllabi and assignments, also has links to UGA library sites and GALILEO databases (
  • UGA Parking Services
    • If you’re going to be parking on campus, get your permit on your first day at
  • UGA Health Center
    • Clinic services, hours and contact numbers:
  • UGA library
    • Hours, holdings, online journals and literature services:
    • UGA library list of online journals:
    • Science Citation Index:
    • Many other reference sources:
  • Graduate School
    • Forms, contact info, and policies at
  • UGA Student Newspaper
    • Red & Black (an independent student newspaper):
  • Athens life
    • Flagpole (local events weekly):
    • Athens Banner-Herald (local daily paper):


Electronic Mail

The department has set up several listservs to facilitate communication. Contact David Brown ( for those addresses and to be added to the appropriate listserv. These listservs are to be used ONLY for posting information of a professional nature that is of reasonably high interest to the members of our department (seminars, departmental receptions, security-related items, etc.).

To post personal matters (theater/game tickets, etc.), use the opt-in list,


To make a call to an on-campus number, dial the last 5 digits of the number. To make a local, off-campus call, dial 9 + the 10-digit telephone number. To make a long-distance call, dial 9 + 1 + the 10-digit telephone number and your 7-digit authorization code that begins with an 8. Get authorization codes from your major professor/supervisor, who is responsible for charges.

Mail (Davison Life Sciences Building)

Campus and US mail is delivered to and picked up from the Mail Room (B112) twice a day (around 9:00 a.m. and again around 1:00 p.m.). You must affix proper postage to personal mail.

Faxes (Davison Life Sciences Building)

Sending Faxes:

Outgoing faxes should be placed in the labeled basket adjacent to the fax machine (Room B101). Your fax will be returned to you with some indication as to whether the transmittal was completed. If your fax requires a cover sheet, you may take one from the appropriate basket next to the fax machine. Incoming faxes will be placed in the recipient's mailbox. If you are expecting a fax and do not receive it, please see Darlene Strickland (Room B101).

Fax Billing:

Outgoing personal faxes are charged to the appropriate faculty member at a rate of $2.00 for the first page and $1.00 for subsequent pages. Payment is expected when the faxes are sent. There is no charge for incoming faxes or for faxes relating to grant or university business.

Photocopying (Davison Life Sciences Building)

Most photocopying is done on a copier located in the Genetics office. Our student workers are available to help the faculty with copying needs. If you want the student workers to copy materials for you, place your materials in the top bin located inside the entrance to Room B107.

Materials unrelated to university business must be charged to "Personal Copies", and will be charged 10-cents per page. You should pay Darlene Strickland at the front desk when the copies are made.

Notary Public

Tina Weidemann (B108) is a notary public. She is available to notarize university-related documents.

Supplies and Equipment


See Tina Weidemann (B108) for lab keys as well as for after-hours building access. Faculty members must approve the issuance of keys to their labs. A $10 deposit is required for each key.

Audio Visual Equipment

The department has slide and overhead projectors, portable LCD projectors and two Macintosh PowerBook (laptop) computers that are available for on-campus presentations by Genetics Department personnel. If you would like to reserve a projector and/or laptop for your presentation, first check existing reservations on the online schedule under "Existing Reservations for LCD Projector" on the Links page of our web site. Then contact Darlene Strickland (B101) to have your reservation time(s) added to the schedule. You should make your reservations well in advance. Most classrooms in the building have installed LCD projectors, you can sign out a remote control from Darlene Strickland (B101) in the Genetics departmental office.

Audiovisual equipment is located in a Genetics storage cabinet and must be checked out from a member of the office staff. Before audiovisual equipment can be checked out to you, you must sign the audiovisual "check‑out" sheet on Darlene Strickland’s (B101) desk. There is special equipment (laser pointer, slide projector remote control) for the large lecture hall (C127). The keys for C127 are available from Darlene Strickland.

State Vehicle Use

  1. The driver must be a university employee (faculty, staff, or graduate student in the Genetics Department) on official university business and must have a valid Georgia driver's license. Passengers must also be on university business but do not have to be university employees. Family members may not accompany a department member in the van unless they are specifically on university business.
  2. All drivers of state vehicles must view a video that explains when employees are and when they are not insured. (Go to; click on Risk Management Services; click on Auto Liability Safety video and when you are done; complete the acknowledgement form verifying you have seen the video
  3. Use is restricted to members of the department. Reserve and check out the van with Darlene Strickland (B101).
  4. Use is restricted to official teaching, research, or service function. You are NOT covered by state insurance if you transact ANY personal business in a state-owned vehicle, even during the course of your University-related business. You also cannot ever use a departmental vehicle to take visiting guests (seminar speakers or prospective graduate students) out for a meal. You can never use a departmental vehicle to even stop at a private residence (except for faculty in reasonable situations such as necessary late packing for trips).
  5. A faculty member who then assumes responsibility for the proper use of it must approve graduate students or staff wishing to use a van.
  6. If the gas gauge reads 1/4 or less at the end of trip, the user must fill the tank at the University Motor Vehicle Depot (Riverbend Rd.). Ask Darlene how you do this and return the signed receipt to Jeanene Brown (B109).
  7. Clean the inside of the van after each use. Individuals who misuse the van will be charged for cleaning.
  8. Never purchase non‑university gas locally.
  9. For out‑of‑town trips, fill the gas tank at the automotive center before leaving. A departmental credit card is available for out-of-town gas purchases. Check with Darlene Strickland (B101).
  10. In case of an accident, consult instructions in the glove compartment.
  11. Please report any mechanical or other problem with the van to the Genetics Office.
  12. The university does not carry collision or comprehensive insurance as a standard coverage. Please read Vehicle Liability Insurance Information for complete information. It can be found in the van checkout notebook.


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