Applying via ILS

    The Genetics Department recruits graduate students through the Integrated Life Sciences (ILS) program at UGA. The ILS is an "umbrella" program that coordinates the application and entrance of graduate students into 13 different academic units, including Genetics. During your first semester at UGA you will do research rotations in 3 different labs, after which you will pick your major advisor and department, and at that time can choose to join the Genetics Department.

    If you have particular questions about research at UGA, you should directly contact the faculty members who are doing the research you find intriguing. We are excited to hear from you! Having that connection established can also help during the interview and admissions process.

    A note about ILS:
    The ILS program encompasses research interests across much of the biological spectrum at UGA (however, research groups in the Wildlife and Natural Resources (Warnell School) and the Odum School of Ecology are not included). If your academic goals involve interdisciplinary study involving research labs in more than one department or program, don't worry - this is common for graduate students at UGA regardless of which program you enter.

    If you have further questions, please contact Dr. Walter Schmidt [ ilsinfo@uga.edu ], the graduate coordinator for the ILS, with your specific concerns.


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