What are monsters if not what we fear and don't understand?

    We fear monsters, and so we study them. We want to know where they are. An exploration of how monsters are part of advancing biology. Monsters are useful!

    Identity crisis!

    Sasquatch, unicorns, sea monsters, and identifying killer mushrooms. Furthermore, identifying things everywhere.

    They're coming!!

    Zombies, vampires, diseases we know something about, and disintegrating sea stars (disease we don't understand). Aliens from outer space and aliens around the planet.

    What we will do about it...

    This class will be taught as a First-Year Odyssey course in Fall 2015. Most of the classtime is reading and discussion, with some other media. You'll explore how creative use of aliens and monsters has been used to advance science. In this Odyssey course you are asked to write weekly blog posts (on this site!), following papers and discussion and your own related interests. All posts are public on this wiki as you write and develop your ideas about science - and, of course, monsters.