what are monsters?

    What are Monsters?

    The idea of a monster can be different for each individual. Personally, a monster to me is something out of a movie. For example, the Kraken, or a giant deformed beast. Also, it usually is evil, or is controlled by someone evil. Zombies are another good example of a monster. To other people, a monster is simply something abnormal, or even just someone who is purely evil. There is no exact definition for what constitutes a monster. In the zombie spider article, it talks about how the larva takes over the spider and turns it into a zombie. This is very interesting to me. I do not consider the spider to be a zombie or a monster. I view more of a virus or a disease, and it makes me wonder; are there viruses strong enough to infect a human and take over them. If this virus existed, I am sure that some people would consider the infected people to be monsters. I, however, would just view them as sick. I also wonder if doctors could find a cure for a virus that took over the whole body. If you look at what some of these parasites can do to animals, it is kind of scary to think about it on a larger scale. I am sure humans are more difficult to infect, but I don't know all that well. I do think that there are undiscovered viruses, that are potentially dangerous. Another interesting subject to me that could be considered a sub category of monsters is aliens. Aliens are foreign to us, and scary, so many people may see them as monsters as well. I do not see them as monsters, but i do believe that they exist. Outer space is so massive, larger than we even know. There could be galaxies and galaxies and even other dimensions that we don't know about. I find it hard to believe that there is not another life form. They don't necessarily have to be more advanced than us, but I do believe that they exist. I also think that they have visited earth, and have left there mark here. Of all of the subjects of monsters, aliens are by far the most interesting to me. I hope we make huge advances on this topic in the future. When it comes to monsters though, I say there is no such thing. It is interesting because in the dictionary definition of the term monster, the word 'imaginary' exists. A monster is something made up from the mind of humans. I think that we see monsters so much on tv and in movies, and we hear about it so much that over time, we began to think that maybe they do exist. If you hear or say something enough, you start to believe it, and that is what happened with monsters. I do think that they have their place in society however. Monsters make for great movies and novels, which are both important to our society. We love entertainment, and monsters are good at giving that to us.



    john wares
    Nov 18, 2015

    Excellent Ben, I really should have brought aliens into the class as well. We definitely fear the unknown!
    -Dr. Wares

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