We all think of monsters as something with big teeth, abnormal looking, and something from a scary story. Monsters are given these so called stereotypes but from my FYO course we have looked at all different types of “monsters”; some are not even defined in those stereotypes. However, how can we really know if something is a monster? There are all of kinds of monsters such as Bigfoot, Loch Ness, and chupacabras but do we know if these are monsters or even exist? These questions have boggled many over the years, especially me. I believe that monsters exist but not the ones that everyone is used too.

    Monster. When I think of the monster I usually think of the basic characteristics. Monsters are something that you hear scary stories about, a creature that does not have prove of existence, or something you can see on an episode of Scooby Doo. Scooby Doo incorporated all types of monsters and, I think, did a very well job of depicting what these monsters look like. A monster is something we do not know about/foreign or have no prove of. It is created out of fear and hysteria. The monsters that always come to my mind are kind of like mythical creatures. My favorites are Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. These two monsters are not proven to be real but there have been many eye witness accounts. There have been stories told and documented of these creatures but no real, tangible proof. This is what interests me the most is the uncertainty of existence. Although these monsters are interesting and attention catching, they are more than likely not to exist which is seen in Scooby Doo as well. At the end of all episodes the audience learns that it was a hoax and the monster was not real. This relates to the real world and the view on monsters today.

    I do believe that some monsters exist. For example, Cutaneous Leishmaniasis. This is a type of parasite that causes a major skin infection. This is transmitted through bite of a sandfly (Reithinger et al.). This infection causes huge skin legions and can lead to health complications and even death if not treated. This causes several problems because it is usually symptomless, so you will not know you have it until it happens (Reithinger et al.). This monster is microscopic and can do a lot of harm which is different from a traditional monster most people think. Even though this monster isn’t big, it is definitely something to be afraid of. In contrast to traditional monsters, this parasite has proof of existence. This parasite comes with surprises and pain. After doing this research on this parasite, I am now more afraid of this parasite than any other monster.

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