The Existence of Monsters

    Destin Mizelle

    Professor John Wares

    FYOS ‘Are Monsters Real’

    17 November 2015

    We are Monsters

    "AHHH, there is a monster under my bed" is a quote that parents in modern society hear much too often. In fact there is no such thing as monster; humans built the concept of monsters based off the harsh realities of human behavior. Monsters are known to big, scary creatures with abnormal features created for the sole purpose to kill or hurt you if you are within its range. Is it coincidence that we can find most of these features on an inmate in prison, I think not. These “monster” reflect traits of notorious criminals. The media have used qualities of wicked humans and turned it into a Hollywood myth, with intention to make to give movie viewers a thrill and ultimately make a profit.

    For example, Frankenstein’s monster, which killed for vengeance, further proves my point. The monster was created by scientist Frankenstein; when the creature did not turn out how the scientist expected, he abandoned it. New to the world, the Monster didn’t know anything and unfortunately, felt the cruel nature of human because of It didn’t look appealing. As a result, the monster decide to get revenge on Frankenstein by killing everyone he loved and cared about. This story can be parallel to a young child who was abandoned at birth. This child was neither adopted nor showed any love. The child grew up and was bullied all throughout high school for big in physical size and not the most attractive in appearance. As a result, the child goes on a killing spree, murdering any and everyone that hurt his feelings. Frankenstein monster is a representation of a large in size serial killer, who lacked any emotion because of a horrific childhood. It’s sad that we as a society likes to make fun of real life situations by making them into a Hollywood films.

    The closest creature that the earth has ever seen to a monster is dinosaurs. Fortunately, dinosaurs are not monsters; they were just average large animals during their time. Sid Perkins, an author for student.socieyforscience.org claims that the real sea monsters were marine dinosaurs. All In all I don’t believe that monsters are real they are just personified characteristic of wicked humans. We should just learn to deal with these problems within these individuals instead of making them in to a Hollywood film.



    john wares
    Nov 18, 2015

    Excellent thoughts - there are monsters out there, huh?

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