Southeastern Aquatic Biogeography

    OK folks. This is our task. We know the southeastern US is the most diverse place in the world for:

    • freshwater mussels
    • salamanders
    • crayfish
    • some groups of fish
    • tasty craft beers
    Following our reading of Download file "Lapointe and Rissler 2005.pdf", we have tasked ourselves with compiling information from diverse studies to think about how a synthetic analysis could illuminate the history of both stream vicariance as well as stream capture - perhaps analogous to what recombination does along chromosomes in generating novel assemblages of diversity.

    If you have not edited this type of wiki before, look to the "Help" link below. For now we can just start posting PDFs and/or datasets to the Resources page. For each item you post, add a short description that gives us a sense of the range covered and what it tells us about diversification in the southeast.