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Christian Schwoyer GRSC 7770 BIOL 1107 Class and Lab Reflections [Download file "GRSC 7770 Syllabus (6).docx"]

Teaching Philosophies

[Download file "Teaching Philosophy Revised.docx"] Ben Boward Teaching Philosophy Nicholas Morffy Teaching Philosophy Ping Yu Teaching ...

Jacob Burnett Teaching Philosophy

Statement of Teaching Philosophy Jacob Burnett As a holistic biologist, one must not solely concentrate on the creation of new knowle...


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Reflections Ping Yu

[Download file "BIOL 1107L Lab reflection.docx"][Download file "Gene 3200 lecture reflection.docx"] To edit this page, click the Edit (pencil) butt...

Instructional Resources for Grad Students

This wiki is part of the Fall 2013 section of GRSC 7770 at the University of Georgia, taught by Liza Lucht and John Wares. Assessment...

Christian Schwoyer Teaching Philosophy

[Download file "teachingphilosophy_revised.pdf"] Christian B. Schwoyer Often times, at least in my own experience, it has been a...

Christian Schwoyer Assessment and Rubric

GRSC 7770 Assessment and Rubric [Download file "Schwoyer_AssessmentRubric_Revised.pdf"] You will, as a group of 3-4 students...

Helpful courses to take

POUL 8120 – Scientific Writing and Literature Retrieval Spring 01:25P-04:25P W NAVARA 3 credits (98-555) (Take in your 2nd year) For te...

Teaching Materials (books, etc)

Kathy Xue Teaching Philosophy

[Download file "teaching philosophy.docx"] [Download file "Kathy Teaching STatement Revisions.docx"] [Download file "teaching philosophy revised.d...

Assessment and Rubric

[Download file "Experiment .docx"] [Download file "Rubric.xlsx"] [Download file "Rubric Revisions.xlsx"] [Download file "Experiment Revisions.d...

Tyler Miyawaki Teaching Philosophy

[Download file "Tyler Miyawaki Teaching Philosophy Revisions.docx"]

Ping Yu Teaching Philosophy Revised

[Download file "Ping Yu Teaching Philosophy_Revised.docx"] To edit this page, click the Edit (pencil) button. To delete this page, click the Delete...

Ben Boward Teaching Philosophy Revised

[Download file "Teaching Philosophy.docx"]

Andy Montgomery Assessment and Rubric

[Download file "Assesment Revised.pdf"] [Download file "Rubric Revised.pdf"]

Revised Assessment and Rubric

[Download file "Neuroscience Assessment.docx"] [Download file "Neuroscience Quiz Ruberic.docx"]

Ping Yu Assessment and Rubric

[Download file "Assessment and Rubric _Ping Yu.docx"][Download file "Assessment and Rubric _Ping Yu_Revised.docx"]

Kathy Xue Assessment and Rubric

[Download file "Biomarkers project assessment and rubric.docx"] Final Version [Download file "Biomarkers project assessment and

N. Morffy Assessment and Rubric

Please find my Assessment and Rubric Attached. Nicholas Morffy [Download file "GRSC7770 Assessment and Rubric.pdf"] [Download file "G...