Helpful courses to take

POUL 8120 – Scientific Writing and Literature Retrieval Spring 01:25P-04:25P W NAVARA 3 credits (98-555) (Take in your 2nd year)

For teaching certificate:

GRSC7800 COLLEGE TEACHING Spring 09:30A-12:15P R DOMIZI 3 credits

Prerequisite: GRSC 7770
This interdisciplinary course focuses on how undergraduates learn. Participants will learn a variety of factors that influence teaching and learning in an attempt to discover and define what it means to be an effective college teacher, and will also discuss theory, techniques, and strategies for helping undergraduates become active learners. Offered spring semester every year.


Designing Courses for Significant Learning (3 hrs)
Prerequisite: GRSC 7770
The purpose of this interdisciplinary course is to give graduate students a foundation in course design, grounded in strong pedagogical theory. Students will design or redesign a course in its entirety, beginning with their goals for their students and working backward through assessment to teaching and learning activities.
Offered fall semester every year.

PBIO (BIOL) 8010 Seminar in Teaching Biology (1 hr)
Designed for graduate students and post-docs interested in learning how to teach biology effectively in their own courses rather than as teaching assistants. Offered spring semester every year.

WIPP 7001 Pedagogy of Writing in the Disciplines (1-3 hrs)
Theory and practice of teaching writing in the disciplines. This course surveys the most recent research in student writing processes and the best pedagogical practices for helping students improve their writing, understand course content, and become familiar with disciplinary conventions of writing in Biology. Offered fall semester every year.

Technology in the Classroom (3 hrs) Taught by Sherry Clouser

Offered spring semester every year.

GRSC8200 RESEARCH COMM Spring 09:05A-11:00A W MAROTTA 1 credit (82-306)

You can do these under a professor in the specific department. I recommend BIOL during the summer after you have taught biology labs at least one semester. Or if you PI teaches a Genetics lab -do it then.

GENE 7360 Teaching Internship in Genetics (2 hrs)
Classroom teaching experience in undergraduate courses for senior graduate students under the direct supervision of a faculty member. This course provides students the opportunity to obtain supervised, documented experience in preparing and delivering lectures and/or leading discussions. Offered fall, spring and summer semester every year.

PBIO 7360 Teaching Internship in Biological Sciences (1-2 hrs)

PBIO 7510 Special Teaching Projects In Plant Biology (1-3 hrs) Prerequisite: GRSC 7770

Classroom teaching experience in undergraduate courses under the direct supervision of a faculty

member. Offered fall, spring, and summer semester every year.

Graduate student initiated special projects in teaching methods in plant biology and biology. Assessment

will involve regular meetings between the graduate student and supervisor(s). Supervisors will measure

progress according to a preliminary plan of study/research, plus regular reports from the student. Offered

fall, spring and summer semester every year.


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