January: Plankton, Drift, Climate Velocity, Effective Population Size

    January 7

    Here is the link to the video about plankton diversity and its importance for carbon and water cycles that we watched at end of the first day.

    January 9

    "The Science of Scientific Writing" by Gopen and Swan

    Download file "Hays.pdf"

    This paper, "Climate change and marine plankton", reviews the importance of marine plankton; how we capture and record their distribution and abundance; and how sensitive they can be as indicators of environmental change.

    January 12

    how to find the distribution of species - search GBIF

    reading for January 14 (2 days!) - read to discuss Sunday et al. 2012:

    Download file "Sunday_etal2012-2.pdf"

    January 14

    Discuss Sunday paper (above), as well as Pinsky, Dawson papers (below)

    Download file "Pinsky.pdf"

    The "climate velocity" paper discussing how organisms are shifting in response to changes in ocean temperature.

    Download file "Dawson.pdf"

    An example of a species that has expanded its range northward, and what the population genetic data tell us about this shift.

    January 21

    In today's class we refer to this paper Download file "cobi12303.pdf" that may help you think of ideas you would like to pursue in your major papers this semester.

    We are finishing the 3rd lecture (from the manatee onward)...

    You are also assigned reading from this Seattle Times article that appeared last year, and includes the video we watched near the end of class. Hint: increasing temperature isn't the only problem marine life is facing.

    January 23

    Today we discuss your approach to major papers in this class; the first rough draft on Movement/Migration is due on Monday. You may find reading this paper as you develop your idea useful, and we will discuss it on Wednesday:

    Download file "Sorte2013_Oikos.pdf"

    January 26

    Today I'll finish the 4th lecture; I'm also going to show this video, and suspect it will be disappointingly low-res on the LCD projector in our room: http://vimeo.com/88829079

    January 28

    1. discuss your paper ideas briefly

    2. discussion of the Sorte paper linked above

    3. mini-lecture

    January 30

    My own dissertation work on "historical ecology":

    Download file "Wares and Cunningham 2001"

    Byers and Pringle (species ranges and reproduction affected by ocean currents)

    Download file "Byers_Pringle_2006.pdf"

    Pringle and Wares (genetic diversity and selection interact with ocean currents)

    Download file "Pringle-Wares2007.pdf"

    Wares and Pringle (what does this do to genetic diversity in a population affected by currents?)

    Download file "WaresPringle2008.pdf"


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