January: Plankton, Drift, Climate Velocity, Effective Population Size

    Through Spring Break: Acclimation and Adaptation

    Read and prepare to discuss for Monday, March 23:
    Download file "Reusch-2014-Evolutionary_Applications.pdf"

    Film on Community Genetics from 3/25/15 class is linked here!

    read and prepare to discuss for Friday, March 27:

    Download file "PNAS-2013-Pespeni-6937-42.pdf"

    this is a really nice experimental system by Melissa Pespeni that takes advantage of next-generation sequencing to explore how a genome responds to environmental change!

    for April 1, no foolin':

    Download file "20141486.full.pdf"

    paper by Schaum and Collins on "plasticity predicts evolution in a marine alga", more to think about as you gear up for final paper!

    April 8 (Wednesday) read to discuss:

    Can Evolution Outrace Climate Change? | FiveThirtyEight

    Oceans might take 1,000 years to recover from climate change, study suggests - LA Times

    This is happening in the popular press!!

    April 10 (Friday) read to discuss:

    Download file "WarmingAndDiseaseRisk.pdf"

    April 17 (Friday) read to discuss (a little bit hopeful, a little bit prescription!)

    Download file "Crozier_et_al-2014-Evolutionary_Applications.pdf"

    OTHER Papers Discussed in Class

    Overview Papers, useful for your writing...

    Download file "Hays.pdf"

    This paper, "Climate change and marine plankton", reviews the importance of marine plankton; how we capture and record their distribution and abundance; and how sensitive they can be as indicators of environmental change.

    Download file "Brierley.pdf"

    "Impacts of Climate Change on Marine Organisms and Ecosystems" is a good resource to understand the natural cycles of climate (that is, those cycles not influenced by human activity) as well as the trajectory we are on. Discusses potential impacts on everything from plankton to whales.


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