First Day of Class

    Your professor will be away at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting - in fact, presenting work on coastal diversity in Chile - on the first day of class. As such, no meeting, don't come to the Life Sciences building that day. However, you still have work to do.

    Read this overview from the September 2014 New York Times. Pay attention to the 4 themes we will discuss in this class: as the environment changes, species can respond through moving, acclimating, adapting, or disappearing.

    Write a one-page (500-1000 words) exploration of what these themes mean to you, using examples from the Times piece where appropriate and what this highlights about why you are interested in this topic and taking this class. Specifically, what do you want to know? What is a question you have that needs to be solved about climate change and how species may evolve in response to climate change?

    Due at beginning of class on Friday, January 9.


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