Through Spring Break: Acclimation and Adaptation

    Readings for Feb. 6, getting our heads into Acclimation!

    Download file "Appelhans.pdf"

    Download file "1693.full.pdf"

    Don't forget Monday, Feb. 9 we will meet in the classroom of the Science Library - go right after you enter through the security gates. This will be a session with university librarian Ian Thomas to help you dig into the primary literature for the rest of your papers this semester.

    February 11: lecture on acclimation and heat shock proteins. You may find the paper by Jueterbock et al of interest, I really liked it:

    Download file "Jueterbock et al 2014.pdf"

    February 13: read the attached short paper by Stillman (VERY SHORT, I know your paper is due!) AND choose one of the papers he cites so that you have some part of the additional background needed to discuss this paper. Class discussion after your papers are turned in!

    Download file "Stillman_2003.pdf"

    February 18: read to discuss - you have heard about this one I think if you took 3000 from me...

    Download file "Kelly et al 2012.pdf"

    and this one extends Morgan's work by looking into life history traits that correlate (or trade-off) with the acclimation/adaptation data from 2012:

    Download file "670336.pdf"

    please read both for discussion!

    March 2: one paper to read and discuss, two short articles about similar papers that you will find useful. (especially the piece by Sinéad Collins, she is an *awesome* young evolutionary scientist!)

    http://www.nature.com/nclimate/journal/v4/n11/full/nclimate2379.html (the long one)

    http://www.nature.com/ngeo/journal/v5/n5/full/ngeo1461.html#ref3 (short one by Sinéad)

    http://phys.org/news/2014-12-ocean-biota-global.html (related)


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